(Pocket-lint) - John Deere, the American manufacturer that makes all things tractor-related, is going green - and we're not talking about a new paint job.

Although the company is known for its yellow-and-green diesel machines that are anything but eco-friendly, John Deere France has just published a video to show off a new project going by the name of Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery (SESAM). The project is the first fully-electric John Deere tractor, and it will be officially unveiled at the Paris International Agribusiness Show in early 2017.

Little is known about the agricultural vehicle, though Jalopnik said it has a huge 150kWh battery pack, which is bigger than any battery pack you'd find in an electric car today. It will apparently have a range of about 34 miles, but it takes about three hours to charge. The tractor supposedly has 404 horsepower and is meant to showcase John Deere's vision for farms "of the future".

So, will the French farmers of tomorrow be driving electric tractors around their fields? Who knows. But it's exciting to see the agricultural branch of the automotive industry beginning to take the first steps toward ditching diesel.

Writing by Elyse Betters.