(Pocket-lint) - Ford and Jaguar Land Rover have announced they're working on a system for their cars that will let them communicate with traffic lights and relay information to the driver. The system will let the driver know what speed to travel at to make the green light and avoid stopping at a red. If you're unlucky and have to stop at a red light, the system will let you know how long it will be until it turns green.

The car manufacturers say the system will result in no or shorter waiting times and minimise emissions produced. Ford says we spend an average of two days a year waiting at red lights.

Ford is also developing another technology called Electronic Emergency Brake Light which alerts the driver when the car in front up to 500 metres brakes particularly hard and can brake the car if the driver doesn't react in time.

Jaguar Land Rover is also working on an Advanced Highway Assist technology that will be a semi-autonomous driving system that can operate the steering wheel and pedals, as well as overtake other cars, without the driver having to do anything.

Both companies will begin testing their systems on roads in Coventry and Milton Keynes over the next two to four years.

Electric car company Tesla has already developed a completely autonomous driving system for its Model X, Model S and Model 3 cars and offering the hardware with all Tesla cars ordered from now.

Writing by Max Langridge.