(Pocket-lint) - Batman is getting a lot of attention right now so this concept car is perfectly timed.

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie is out and doing well, despite critics. One of the best parts is Ben Affleck's Batman, or Batfleck as he's more affectionately known.

So good was his performance that he's been commissioned to direct and star in the next Batman film. But what car will feature?

We already saw a new Batmobile in the latest versus movie and Pocket-lint even got to go for a drive in the beast. But every new film needs a new set of wheels, right?

That's what Bulgarian designer Encho Enchev must think as he's come up with a brilliant potential new Batmobile.

The concept Batmobile features giant wheels that stand taller than the car itself. These, with the black metal angular finish, makes it reminiscent of the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's Batman movies.

But this concept also features canons sat towards the rear and a lighting system for revealing enemies ahead. From the front looking down on it the shape even looks sporty – a bit like Batman's day-to-day car in recent films, a Lamborghini.

Here's hoping Batfleck sees these new concepts and makes use of them when designing the new Batmobile for the next movie. For now enjoy all the gorgeous angles in the gallery above.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.