Tokyo is known as one of the world's most futuristic cities, so when the Tokyo Motor Show rolls into town it's all about showing off whacky and wild concept cars. Ah, we do like a bit of fun.

Not that it's all entirely "Japan crazy", of course. The Tokyo Motor Show 2015 might have avoided the splurge of popular yet dull SUVs, a la Frankfurt show, but with the likes of Mazda showing of its RX-Vision supercar concept, there's some heart-racing automotive kit on show too.

Even Lexus pulled back the sheet on its LF-LC concept, which is all grille and attitude; a hybrid 2+2 coupe that, we have to say, looks stunning. It was one of the bigger reveals, giving the car originally unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show 2013 a more roadworthy appeal.

However, such sensibilities can't be levied at Lexus' big brother, Toyota. The Japanese giant outed all manner of concepts, from the bug-like S-FR, to the insides-out Kikai concept. Fun, but there's a defining Japanese design style for 2015 - just go look at the hydrogen-powered Honda FCV - that is like the antithesis to European style. We're not quite sure we get it.

We've trawled the show floors in Tokyo to find the best cars on offer. Check out the gallery above for more pictures of our favourites - including Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and (wait for it) Yamaha. Yep, bike maker extraordinaire has decided to make a four-wheeler too.