(Pocket-lint) - Highways England has announced that it will create roads made to wirelessly charge cars as they drive.

The plan is to encourage electric vehicles by building infrastructure that will support their use. Imagine never having to charge or refuel your car, ever.

The proposed move aims to begin testing, on non-public roads, as early as 2016. The idea is to run at least an 18-month trial before the system is put in place on Motorways and A-roads.

A similar road is currently in use in South Korea. This 7.5 mile stretch has cables imbedded, which create an electromagnetic field. This is picked up by coils inside special buses which convert it to electricity.

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The Netherlands also has plans to install wireless charging roads along with wind-powered location-activated lights. So as cars approach lights turn on and as they go the lights power off.

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Installing the wirelessly charging road in England is very exciting but we're not expecting them to appear soon. For one thing there are currently no cars available to buy that are able to recharge wirelessly as they drive. This is something Qualcomm is looking into though.

A future without refueling or charging of cars is very exciting indeed. Especially when you consider that by then most cars will likely be self-driving too.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.