Formula 1 is about breaking boundaries and stunning fans. According to Dutch designer Andries van Overbeeke F1 has lost its way. But he's ready to show it the correct course once more.

The problem, Overbeeke says, is that Formula 1 has too many rigid rules that choke the sport. Also money seems to be the governing power which limits competition.

But solutions are available in things like rules that want to bring in closed cockpit cars for driver safety. Also rules that reduce costs and increase competition will be positive influences on the sport, Overbeeke says.

It's these potential changes that he has used to help guide the design of his Formula 1 cars of the future. The cars that could one day become a reality on the track.

Overbeeke has come up with three concept cars to show what Formula 1 could be. He used McLaren-Honda, Red Bull and Williams as his examples.

One of the oppositions to a closed cockpit, which could be safer for drivers, is that it could be ugly. These designs show that's clearly not the case. Other than minor technical issues, like making sure the driver can escape easily, these concepts could be created now, claims Overbeeke.

Another change is to the front wings. Current wings are complex, to offer more downforce and aerodynamics at high speed. But for overtaking, where the air flow is affected, these become less useful. Overbeeke has simplified and widened the wings to make them more affordable and to encourage overtaking, thereby making the races more competitive.

Check out the cars in the above picture gallery and see what you think. The future of Formula 1 could be very exciting, very soon.

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