Picture this: a funnier version of Days of Thunder, but without Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and the race cars are actually autonomous.

Sony Pictures believed that pitch was good enough to make into a film, according to Deadline, because it has acquired the untitled action-adventure comedy. Steve Conrad, whose past writing credits include The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, will write the script, while Verbinski, who directed the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, will direct it.

Although the film project is untitled at the moment, it's being called the Driverless Car Race (likely because it's about a transcontinental car race with driverless cars). The car race is being described as a beta test between competing software companies, but the entire film will have A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World-like comedic take.

The race cars themselves won't be the subjects of the story, as they will be carrying passengers who eventually try to take control of the experiment during their trek from Paris to Beijing. The project is currently on the fast track to production and is set to star "the funniest comedic actors of this generation," Verbinski told Deadline.

It's worth noting that Sony likely green-lit Conrad and Verbinski's race car pitch because it most recently axed their North Korea-set project - dubbed Pyongyang - that was to star Steve Carell. The studio cancelled Pyongyang after it was allegedly hacked by a North Korea-directed group late last year.

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