If the thought of washing your car is only a bit worse than having to drop it somewhere to be washed, there's an easier option. GoWashMyCar is a new online service that allows you to set your car location and have a cleaner come out to wash it.

The catch? It's a London only service at the moment and will cost you at least £12.

So how does it work? You simply sign-up to the GoWashMyCar website, then you locate your car on a map and mark it with a drop pin, enter car reg, model, make and colour then select the wash you want. Then you select a date and time.

If you want a wash while you're away, say in town while the car is parked, you can have an external wash. If you need the interior sorted you'll have to be there, unless you have a remote locking system you can open for the cleaner when they arrive.

A standard exterior-only wash is £12, which is a promotional price, then for a full body wax you can pay an extra £7. If you need an interior clean and vacuum too that'll be a further £6.

According to the site it offers: "Carwash professionals that are carefully vetted and selected," so your car should be in safe hands.

Payments are taken once the cleaner has washed your car – you can pay via Stripe or card for easy online access. You then receive an email letting you know it's done and your car is ready.

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