(Pocket-lint) - Cars and gadgets have never been more closely intertwined than they are now. With electric drive systems, sat nav nearly everywhere, and rear view cameras becoming the norm. But can electric cars looks sexy? Can gadget heavy motors still be desirable? Absolutely.

Sexy and nerdy are not mutually exclusive, look at Olivia Munn. The car world knows this and has managed to cram the latest tech into the curviest of frames. We're now starting to see cars that can all but drive themselves with the Tesla Model S driving in lanes and even stopping without the driver doing anything.

Performance cars and high tech gadgetry are finally becoming a single entity as Formula 1 embraces systems like regenerative breaking and electrical boosters. How much more will filter down from the all-electric Formula E remains to be seen but it sure is exciting.

Now top end supercars are becoming even more powerful thanks to hybrid drive systems. With an efficient engine delivering power to two wheels while and electric motor can offer more to the others cars are no able to offer all wheel drive or two wheel and combine power for super performance without the need to fill up the tank every ten miles.

We've collated all the best high tech electric and hybrid supercars that'll really turn heads now and will do in the future. Time to start filling that piggy bank for when they one day become affordable.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.