(Pocket-lint) - A Michigan start-up company, Sakti3, claims to have created a solid-state lithium battery which offers far more density than current batteries. It should result in double the battery life of current lithium-ion batteries.

This could mean double the time your phones holds out before needing to be plugged in. But Sakti3 seems to be more focused on increasing electric car range while brining down prices.

Sakti3 CEO and co-founder Ann Marie Sastry says that the new battery discovery has resulted in a battery that could create an electric car that manages 300 miles on a charge and costs just $25,000 which is about £15,000.

Whilst testing a battery is a long way off from manufacturing on a big scale for placement in cars and phones Sastry says: "We’ve had several cells and runs that have demonstrated these numbers to the point that we’re confident." The fact that Sakti3 is being funded by GM, the company behind the Chevy Volt, adds greater chance to this breakthrough appearing in cars soon.

The solid-state battery uses an "interlayer" as both separator of positive and negative electrodes as well as ion transfer medium. This means no liquid so less packaging for cars meaning even greater mileage. It should also mean a far safer battery than current lithium-ion offerings.

While testing is still at the internal stage now we're hoping to see battery discoveries start to make a difference to cars and phones as soon as next year.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.