The future of Formula 1 is about to arrive with the electric racing cars of Formula E. Now the cars been given a test outing ahead of their first race date set in September.

The Formula E electric race will first take place on the streets of Beijing this September. Ahead of the race, cars were being tested at the UK's Donnington Park circuit.

Unlike Formula 1 cars these electric vehicles will be near silent by comparison. Although there is that futuristic electric whine that makes it sound like something from sci-fi.

The electric drive motors also mean there's a lot more direct torque so the cars should be even faster off the line, if power were matched, than their F1 counterparts.

If you want to pop along to Donnington and see/hear the cars there are open testing days continuing through July: 4 July, 9 July, 10 July, and 19 July.

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