What once was just a design idea has now made it onto real roads in the Netherlands. Glow in the dark road markings, drawn with luminescent paint, are now in use.

The glow in the dark painted markings, that create a Tron-like scene, were designed by Studio Roosegaarde and have since been implemented on a 500 metre stretch of road. This is at the testing phase right now and will also be used in parks to further assess the markings.

The paint used features solar-powered photo-luminescent powder. This absorbs the sun and "charges" during the day so it can "shine" at night.

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Studio Roosegaarde also has plans to create road markings that are relevant like glowing snowflakes that only appear on the road when it's cold enough for ice. Wind powered lights that only shine when cars are nearby is another eco-friendly energy-saving idea put forward. There are even plans for a charging lane on main roads so electric cars can juice up wirelessly while still driving.

The charging lanes and wind-powered location-activated lights are due to go into use in the next few years. Here's hoping they work so the rest of the world can follow.