London will soon be home to an electric car sharing service that'll let users book cars for short journeys between parking points. With London's rain this could be a brilliant, eco-friendly, alternative to a "Boris bike".

Billionaire tycoon, Vincent Bolloré, has already launched a successful version of this in Paris under the name Autolib'. He has promised London that the service will arrive by March 2015.

Initially around 100 Bluecars, as the electric vehicles are called, will be in use with 3000 cars expected when the service is fully rolled out across London.

Transport for London (TfL) and mayor Boris Johnson have both expressed support for the project.

Leon Daniels, head of surface transport at TfL said London is in danger of getting a 300 million euro fine for breaches of air quality. He went on: "We think electric vehicles are very much the right answer for London, and in particular when shared, reducing the total number of vehicles on our streets and drastically reducing emissions."

electric car sharing service like boris bikes to hit london by 2015 image 4

The Source London charging network will be setup by Bolloré for TfL but the cars themselves will be run as a private business. This charging network should increase stations from the 1400 currently available to 6000 by 2018. The hope is that this will increase electric car take-up in general.

The service will cost a £10 per month subscription and subsequent £5 per half hour ride. Probably cheaper than a cab if used a few times per month then. In the Parisian model subscribers have an electronic card that unlocks the car and its GPS helps users find the nearest spaces for a drop off.

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