Rear parking sensors have been around for years, on higher-end cars. The tech is starting to filter down to more affordable motors but still isn't in a large number of Britain's 30 million cars.

The sensors, which allow drivers to hear how near they are to obstacles, are often built into the bumpers of a new car. But with over 10 million drivers suffering scrapes from parking accidents Halfords is coming to the rescue of those without sensors.

The Halfords sensor range, made by Veba, will offer the parking smarts of premium sensors at up to 75 per cent less cost, depending on the vehicle. They will fit to the front and rear of the vehicle and can be painted to blend in with the bumpers. They even work with cars using rear-mounted tow bars and spare wheels. For a little extra an optical display is also available on top of the audio notifications.

The parking sensor range starts at £60 and can be fitted for £65.