The new Nike+ FuelBand SE with its Fuel Points to keep you active is all well and good, but imagine if tracking your movements could save you money. That's what Automatic, the smart driving assistant, does.

Automatic, which is US only for now, plugs into your car's data port (any US car after 1996 will have one) and syncs to your mobile using low power Bluetooth 4.0. Through efficient driving you can earn points which save you money in the long run. From fuel and oil to brake and pad replacements, you'll be shelling out less. The app will even alert you when you're making mistakes like pulling away or breaking too fast.

Automatic tracks when you fill up, and tracks your regular routes, so it can locate local petrol stations to give you the best prices when you need to top up. And should you crash it will automatically contact the emergency services, and even your loved ones, to let them know where you are. This tracking works all the time so you can easily find your car or share its location from your mobile.

If you want Automatic to send you notifications when your engine light indicates attention is needed that can be done too. It will even find the nearest mechanic so you can get straight there if the issue is serious.

All this is great for tracking that saves you money while making a sort of game of it. But the API being opened up to developers soon is even more exciting. Imagine earning gaming points in, say, Need for Speed, by driving more efficiently in real life so you can buy better cars and drive faster in the game at home. Just an idea.

Automatic is available now for US users for $100. Plans are under way to extend it to the rest of the world.