Corning has said that it "expects at least one" car manufacturer to incorporate Corning Gorilla Glass within the next year.

The comment comes from Jeffery Evenson, senior vice-president of Corning, talking at the MIT Technology Review's Mobile Summit in San Francisco this week.

Corning Gorilla Glass, part of a family of glass products, is best known for its incorporation into mobile devices, featured on devices such as the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Bravia HX900 television.

The advantage that Corning Gorilla Glass brings is that it offers damage resistance, attractive on a mobile device, but Evenson said it would also be appealing in automotive circles, as the lighter weight would improve fuel economy as well as making it quieter inside.

It's worth pointing out that Corning is talking about replacing "some" automobile glass, rather than all of it. Whether Gorilla Glass will handle those pesky stone chips remains to be seem.