Formula E, the up and coming electric version of Formula One, has just added two new dates to its race diary. Both Los Angeles and Miami will play host to the 140 mph electric car races in 2014. 

The new electric car racing, which is to host its first season in 2014, uses Formula One style cars with incredibly powerful electric motors, to bring near silent high speed eco-friendly racing. Major car manufacturers such as McLaren have got involved, supplying a lot of the basic parts and chassis shapes to teams like Spark racing.

Formula One is also to take a similar approach next year, reducing engine size and adding turbo chargers in order to lower the emissions put out by an F1 car. The very nature of an electric motor, which can supply incredibly rapid acceleration and bursts of torque, means Formula E should be as action packed as its petrol engined cousin. Just don't expect Sebastian Vettel to announce he is swapping sports anytime soon.

For those yet to see Formula E in action, the cars have previously done test routes around Rome and Moscow. It is quite strange to watch as the only noise they make is from the tyres, alongside a tiny whine from the engine. The FIA has given the sport full backing, so we should see Formula E catapulted into the mainstream from the word go, although we can't be quite sure yet where fans will be able to watch it. 

As for a Grand Prix in LA, the track layout is yet to be confirmed, but the width of the likes of Santa Monica boulevard alone should make for some serious overtakes. That or the FIA will use the twist backroads found just outside the city up near Malibu. Either way, expect to see some seriously quick milk floats doing the rounds in LA next year.