The Mando Footloose claims to be the world’s first chainless hybrid electric bike, using your pedal power to generate electricity through the built-in alternator.

Cyclists have the option of simply hopping on and letting the motor do the work – Mando says the bike can travel up to 30 kilometres relying solely on the electricity stored in the lithium-ion battery – or by adding additional power by exercising those calf muscles and pedalling.

mando footloose foldable bike swaps chain for alternator image 2

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) will monitor your terrain via embedded sensors, adjusting the gears automatically so you don’t waste energy - be it electrical or sweat-inducing.

Bikers will be able to monitor their distance, speed and electricity levels via the Human Machine Interface (HMI) that sits on the handlebars. Remove the HMI and the bike automatically locks, meaning any potential thieves will need to use pedal force alone to get away.

mando footloose foldable bike swaps chain for alternator image 3

The Mando Footloose can be folded up for your convenience and though the website currently says, “coming soon”, the Footloose bike is expected to arrive in European markets sometime next year.