A mere £80 for a Ferrari Enzo? We’ll have some of that, thank you very much - even if it is 1/16th the size of an actual Ferrari and needs to be controlled via an iPhone app. 

Painted in the iconic red, despite its size the remote-controlled Ferrari has working headlights, brake lights, indicators and warning lights and features propositioned steering and suspension for a more accurate drive.

To get on the road, users need to download the Silverlit App to their iOS device from the Apple App Store, and it will transform the iPhone or iPad’s screen into a virtual Ferrari dashboard complete with collision sensor and battery indicator.

iphone controlled mini ferrari enzo arriving this august image 2

The car’s movement can be controlled using gesture control or with the aid of a virtual joystick. As the Apple device connects to the Ferrari via Bluetooth you will need to maintain a distance of no more than 10 metres.

The car itself is powered by four AA batteries (included), which should get you 30 minutes of playing time.

The Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo is available from August from www.sciencemuseumshop.co.uk for £80; the Silverlit app is available to download for free.

Tempted to shell out on the Bluetooth Ferrari Enzo? Let us know in the comments below.