London mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled plans for electric car owners to charge their vehicles across the capital by subscribing to a city-wide scheme. The drivers will be able to pay a one-off £100 annual fee in order to use any of the charging points.

However, the BBC is reporting that the Green Party is still unimpressed as the mayor has cut back on his plans to install 7,500 charging points, announcing that there will only be 1,300 ready for use by 2013.

"The mayor never explained how he would fund the ambitious plans for 25,000 charging points which he launched with a big fan-fair in 2009," said Green Party London Assembly member Darren Johnson. "He has also failed to guarantee that the charging points will run on renewable energy, so the environmental gains are far less than they should be."

However, it is a step in the right direction, as the mayor's office has revealed that there are currently over 2,100 registered plug-in electric vehicles in London, who are all exempt from the city centre's congestion charge.

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