Sir Clive Sinclair's at it again. The British inventor of the ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum computers has updated his Sinclair C5 electric vehicle concept, 25 years since the last one proved to be a massive commercial failure.

Hoping that it was just ahead of its time, the new Sinclair X-1 can drive 10 miles for a claimed 10-pence-worth of electricity. However, that is for an average weight passenger, who is also using some pedal power.

It is, you see, a kind-of enclosed bicycle with an MCR pancake motor fixed to the back wheel via a gear drive chain, which is run by a rechargeable 24v Lithium Polymer battery pack. And while that may not be capable of the fastest speeds imaginable, as the X-1 is classified as a bike, it can be driven by anyone over the age of 14, and without a license, insurance or road tax.

The Sinclair Research X-1 is expected to go on sale next summer at a price of £595, although UK residents may be eligible to get a 50 per cent reduction under the Government's Cycle to Work scheme. You can register your interest in the vehicle at

Let's hope Sir Clive has more success this time around.

return of the sinclair c5 sir clive s x 1 image 2

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