Govecs Scooters are all set to tread the tarmac of the UK's roads as the official launch details have now been revealed.

Coming in two varieties, the Go S1.2 and the Go C1.4, both of these electric scooters "offer high-end, robust design and leading performance that sets them a class apart from other bikes on the market".

The Go C1.4 is handy if you live in a block of flats, as you can take the lithium battery out and charge it from any mains outlet.

The S series Go has a silicone battery and is designed to be a bit more sporty with a quicker acceleration time, and a slightly better driving range.

Both scooters have a top speed of 30mph, with the C1.4 having a range of 25-30 miles. The S1.2 can go up to 40 miles in its Eco mode, but this does slow the 0-30mph acceleration time down to 9 seconds, as opposed to 7.5 seconds when in normal mode (which has a range of 30-35 miles).

Both scooters are priced at £2999 and will be out this month.

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