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(Pocket-lint) - The inside of your car has a good chance of being somewhere you spend a lot of time. Whether you commute to and from work in it every day, or just sometimes take long road trips, it's nice to feel like it's an environment you can enjoy.

That's why it's such a shame so that so many cars have lacklustre internal lighting. Thankfully, you can give it a bit of an upgrade really easily, by adding some LED lighting strips to the mix. Here are some of the very best options around. 

Our guide to the best LED light for your car

GoveeBest LED light for cars 2021: Light things up photo 2

Govee Interior Car Lights


Govee's lighting strips are excellent, and are super easy to install, and then to control using the excellent connected app. 

They all connect to a central hub which you then power up from your car's power, and you can change the colour and lighting pattern on the fly whenever you like. That makes for great convenience. 

SunnestBest LED light for cars 2021: Light things up photo 3

Sunnest Car LED Strip Lights


If you want something that's even more affordable, and you don't mind sacrificing some control, these light strips are a great choice. 

They're controlled by remote rather than your phone, but that keeps things simple and you still get a wide range of colours to choose from. 

PryEUBest LED light for cars 2021: Light things up photo 4

PryEU LED Strip Lights


If you don't want a bunch of changeable lights, and instead have one colour scheme in mind that you know you'll stick to, you could go for these LEDs. 

They're available in a few colours, so provided one of those works for you, you can easily set them up and have the lighting you want, all the time. 

Opt7Best LED light for cars 2021: Light things up photo 5



On the more premium end of the market, this great lighting kit. It's a good deal pricier than the others we've featured, but has loads of features to back that up.

There's a solid companion app which lets you control the lights, a huge range of colours to cycle through, patterns and modes, and you can either wire it into your car fully or power it via your cigarette lighter port. 

It's a great system that oozes quality and is more reliably built. 

KemaierBest LED light for cars 2021: Light things up photo 6

Kemaier Car Strip Lights


Our final option is another nice and simple one, and also works by taking power from your car's cigarette lighter, which is the easiest setup we can think of.

You get four light strips to customise and place where you want, with 48 colours to swap between, mix and match. It's really nice and simple, and the app to control it all works solidly.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 26 May 2021.