Best car GPS trackers 2021: Pinpoint the location of your wheels with these top picks

The ideal discreet pick for those who want to up the security of their car and gain location information.

(image credit: Tracki)

A top device for those who want to keep a close eye on their vehicle and receive handy alerts.

(image credit: LandAirSea)

An OBD-compatible tracker that's ideal for detailed information on your vehicle's status and whereabouts. 

(image credit: Vyncs)

A sleek, discreet OBD-compatible tracker that provides users with plenty of information.

(image credit: Bouncie)

A long-lasting and powerful magnetic unit that can register the location of your vehicle with pinpoint accuracy.

(image credit: Winnes)

A top tracker for keeping tabs on your vehicle - no matter where it goes in the world.

(image credit: PrimeTracking)
TruTrak offers a mightily effective solution - easy to install and even easier to use. (image credit: TruTrak)
A very basic way to keep tabs on your vehicle's location, but certainly an effective one. (image credit: Samsung)
Another solid alternative for those who want a discreet tracker for their car. (image credit: Vodafone)
Small but mighty tracking that's ideal for those who want detailed vehicle information. (image credit: SinoTrack)