Now in its 88th year, the Geneva Motor Show had plenty of world firsts to show-off on the show floor at the 2018 exhibit in Switzerland.

With the themes split somewhere between autonomous cars, electric cars and concepts combining the two, it's certainly been a bumper year on the show floor.

Having scoured the stands of manufacturers big and small, here are the best cars from this year's show.

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Jaguar i-Pace

We covered the i-Pace from ahead of its unveil, but Geneva was our first chance to see it in the metal. Startling by its compact and low form, the i-Pace nonetheless feels spacious inside. It integrates some classy tech - a rich driver display and some cool graphics - although the borrowed-from-Range-Rover lower screen interface feels a bit cheaper here though (it's smaller, too), but you probably won't care with Tesla-beating performance and around a 300-mile range per charge.

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Renault Ez-Go

With easy access thanks to a rear opening with ramp, whether you're able bodied, require a wheelchair or other assist to aid your mobility, that won't be an issue when accessing the Ez-Go. This autonomous concept will drive its passengers around without the need for a driver, like an enabling minibus of the future.

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Aston Martin Lagonda Vision Concept

A true surprise. The Vision concept is a massive beast and a vision of how Aston Martin's Lagonda sub-brand could stay relevant in a future car world where autonomous electric cars are the norm. Rendered in a deep, inky black, the Vision is at first hard to read - but an interesting form with an incredible front rake and huge rear over-hang.

Inside, there's deep carpets and seats which swivel to face each other. Working with British Craftsman, David Snowdon, and Saville Row tailors, Henry Poole, Aston Martin wants to show how British home and fashion traditions might have relevance to a car of the future.

Capable of wireless charging, smartphone control, providing concierge services and a level of cyber-security that "few have in their homes", the traditional materiality vision mixes with the latest in tech features and thinking.

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Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

If there's a theme of the Geneva show, it's a focus on an autonomous future and electric cars. VW has gone and wrapped two in one with its, erm, "vizzion" of the future: an expansive interior (thanks to a flat battery under the car's floor), with autonomous driving smarts. The interface (which you can't see in this pic) is all viewed through a Microsoft Holo Lens visor. And the German maker thinks it could be an on-the-road reality by as soon as 2022. The lead image, in a fetching red, shows this car's exterior.

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BMW M8 Concept

One of Geneva's more stunning unveils, the BMW M8 Concept is like a future 8-series whittled down into Gran Coupe form, meaning it comes with four doors (not two like a coupe). It also packs the heat under the bonnet, with a beastly V12 that's likely to deliver more horsepower than a horse farm in the wild west. So you'll get manic power and speed, now possible with the full family on board. We particularly like the deep green paintwork, too.

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Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept

Meaning "common thread" the Hyundai concept is a large (BMW 5-Series sized) sedan-meets-coupe concept. The suicide doors open onto an interior that's the most interesting aspect of this concept, with its cut-away dash-board section and double screens. The car has been designed by Hyundai's new design chiefs, and represents (yet another) new start for the brand, design-wise - so the grille is like nothing you've seen on a Hyundai before and the rear features a Hyundai badge, around which a digital animation grows, supposedly showing the car breathing.

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Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari (almost) always debuts its new models at Geneva. The Pista - which means "track" in Italian - isn't brand new, though, it's the most powerful version of the 488 to date. It will produce 720 horsepower from its turbo-charged V8, is lighter thanks to carbon fibre parts, and gains aerodynamic advantages over the regular car. Everything that's gone into the Pista has been learned on the track, via the 488 GTE racing programme, and Ferrari's Formula 1 activities. The Pista follows in a long line of Ferrari race specials, adding to the bloodline of the Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale.

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Nissan iMX Kuro

First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, Nissan has sharpened up the iMX concept with a new 'Kuro' finish. That means sharper lines, darker paint, plus Nissan's Brain-to-Vehicle technology, which, like the exterior, sharpens up assisted driving by reading the driver's brainwaves to predict driving scenarios. Very clever.

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Polestar 1

Electric hyper-coupe, anyone? Well, that's what Polestar - Volvo's performance partner - has made in its '1', a 600bhp supercar with an electric undercarriage that, when it lands in this road-ready form in 2019, looks to be a very impressive Tesla competitor indeed.

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Mercedes AMG-GT 4-door

This car was previewed by a concept at Geneva last year, which we tipped to expand the AMG-GT family. The 4-door production car you see here, does just that - expanding Mercedes-AMG's performance sub-brand family with a car that you can bring your friends along in. It retains most of the fire-breathing qualities of the AMG-GT (2-seat) coupe, including a V8 turbo engine offering 639hp. Unlike the 2-door, 2-seat AMG-GT, you can take the 4-door in a slightly less anti-social, 435hp V6 too. The usual Merc design and interior features are present, including the ultra-wide centre console found in the AMG-GT coupe, the new touch-pad interface found in the A-Class, and the twin 12-inch screens found in both E- and S-Class.

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Ford Mustang Bullitt

Ford Mustang. Wait, that's not new, right? Well, yes and no. The Bullitt shows face in its EU spec. That means this 5.0-litre V8 beast has more oomph than the regular Mustang, but not quite as much power as the US-spec car. Because of regulations. But, hey, if you've been waiting on a V8 proper Mustang in Europe then now's your chance.

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Lexus UX 250h

The SUVs are coming thick and fast, with Lexus's latest aimed at "the modern urban explorer". Think of it like a shrunken-down NX-series on a new platform (GA-C global architecture) and new direct shift continuously variable transmission (Direct Shift-CVT), complete with 2.0-litre engine or self-charging hybrid system option.

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Audi A6

The message Audi was keen to hit home at its A6 press conference was "comfortable and sporty", rolled into one. The 2019 model doesn't look dramatically different to the rest of Audi's range - it's like a smaller A8 in many regards - encompassing the latest and largely touch-based tech interior. It's pedal to the future on the inside, even if the design seems to have one gear in the past.

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Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo

When Porsche first showed off its Mission E concept, we were thrilled that an all-electric Tesla-killer might be on the cards. Then Geneva happened and the Mission E Cross Turismo - which looks like a cut-together job of the original concept with some more road-permitted modifications - just looks, well, downright weird. We think it's just a bit of Geneva Show fun, however, and that the final Mission E will take on a further evolved form, whatever that might be. 

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Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The first official outing for the new A-Class came at Geneva, pinning this small-scale Mercedes-Benz as one to watch. With a refreshed design for the 2019 model that includes a low bonnet and unusual radiator grille with over-sized Merc badge, this is one sporty looker. The interior gets a refresh with Merc's latest on-board tech, too, bringing the A-class into the future.

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Range Rover SV Coupe

Based on the full-fat Range Rover model, the SV coupe is a Range Rover 3-door, referencing back to the brand's origins and its first 3-door models of 50 years ago. Developed by Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (or SVO), the SV will be hand built - and the company says there'll be a maximum of 999 in existence. The roofline cants back to a much greater degree than the 5-door car, and this is the first Range Rover to offer 23-inch wheels (to appeal to the tuner crowd, whose tricked-up Range Rovers appear in abundance at the Geneva show), while the four seats differ in the way they are trimmed, front to back. It's priced from a whopping £240,000 and will on sale at the end of 2018.

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Kia Ceed

The apostrophe has been banished! The new Kia Ceed - yep, not "Cee'd" - drops the irksome-to-look-at name, while updating the design with a hint of Stinger to this (the hatch) and the updated Sportswagon estate. Expect a swathe of on-board tech in this tourer, from autonomous features such as lane-keep and lane-follow, collision warning and driver attention warning.

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The sportier version of the X3 appears in its 2019 guise, taking on its German competitors in an altogether familiar BMW SUV mould. Which, considering the images of the presumed ultra-large X8 that dropped last year, we think is a great thing.

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Peugeot 508

You might not have thought of Peugeot as being a premier saloon player - not at the higher-end, anyway - but the latest 508 model looks to break down such barriers. This stylish looking four-door - which comes in Allure, GT Line and First edition forms - actually looks good enough to take on the BMW 3-Series, for those hunting something a little more affordable. It's got lots of playful tech, too, from animated headlamps to "tiger claw" massage seats, if you want them (sounds kinda painful, eh?).

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Rolls Royce Phantom

The first Phantom cars are already making their way to lucky customers, but this is the car's first appearance at a motor show, so we took time to drink it in - all 6 metres of it. Truly a car on a vast scale, then, the big Roller works much better in the metal than in pictures, with a stately, regal quality that one would expect from the brand, along with the best paint finish we've ever seen.

Inside, the star of the show is not the starry night headliner (thousands of LEDs create the impression of a night sky) but the amazing "Gallery" (a new type of instrument panel) which frames the instruments themselves in crystal, but on the passenger side gives owners the option to specify or customise bespoke artwork behind the glass panel. The car we sat in had a gold-plated, 3D digital map effect, which looked stunning.

Rolls hasn't forgotten about tech though. The Phantom has all the latest driving aids, a subtle infotainment system, and, it claims, an industry-leading head-up display (HUD) with the best resolution of any car on sale. Would you expect anything else?

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Bentley Bentayga Plug-in

The very first plug-in from Bentley, the updated Bentayga - which was shown with a Phillipe Starke-designed charging pod on the Geneva Show floor - looks to make the future of the British car-marker's beautiful beasts that much greener. Not that we think many owners will be too concerned about the price of fuel anyway...

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Toyota Supra GR Racing

The Supra racing concept hides clues to next year's new road-going Supra - a car which Toyota has co-developed with BMW, and which therefore shares much with the new BMW Z4. Showing the car as a racing concept illustrates Toyota's desire to build a car that's very sporting and focused, which executives will quietly tell you is the plan to be far more of a hardcore driver-engaging car than the BMW.

The Supra is diminutive, and low - and the silhouette of the headlamps is currently one of the only elements that creates a link to Supra's of old. Still, consider our appetite whetted, as we can't wait for the new Supra to arrive. 

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Volvo V60

A brown Volvo. Yep, Volvo isn't afraid to be in the "boring" camp. Yet, look beyond this V60's paint job and you'll see how accomplished this mid-size car really is. There's bundles of tech aboard to rival the best of them, heaps of space, and oodles of comfort. Maybe lose the brown, 'cos the V60 is a solid contender.

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Skoda Vision X

Adding to the growing crossover/SUV stack is Skoda's Nissan Juke-competing Vision X concept, shown here in ultra-bright lime green and sans door handles. Think of it as the "baby K" (name TBC!) of the Kodiaq and Karoq range. But it comes with a key difference: the engine burns natural gas, which means better CO2 emissions, believe it or not.