The Pocket-lint Gadget Awards 2017 will be taking place for the 14th year in a couple of weeks in association with EE. There are 18 categories this year, with a couple of new ones joining and a couple of category splits.

Each of the 18 categories has between six and eight nominations, all of which have been reviewed by us in full at some point in the last 12 months. As usual, we have been detailing the nominations for each category through a series of features over the last few weeks.

This is the last of those features, focusing on the nominations for best car, what we love about them and why they have been shortlisted. Only one can be crowned king of the road, but which will get your vote? 

Pocket-lintAlfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio exterior image 1

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

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We had a feeling the most powerful Alfa Romeo Giulia would be good. Turns out, however, that it's better than good — it's awesome. The regular car is arguably the best-in-class to drive. That, combined with one of the most evocative badges in car-land stuck on the bonnet, makes the Alfa Romeo saloon a very appealing proposition.

The way the Giulia Q drives is what lifts this car to its lofty star rating. The steering, handling and ride all feel like they were made for UK roads, while the four-position drive selector scrolls you all the way from sane to brain-out in four easy clicks, transforming the Giulia's character in an instant. We didn't think we'd ever write this, but Alfa Romeo has built a BMW M3 beater. It's head and heart wound into one.

Pocket-lintaudi a5 2017 review image 1

Audi A5 (2017)

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The Audi A5 delivers exactly what it promises: sporty looks, sporty-ish drive, leaving you with a car that's a little easier to love than the slightly more ordinary Audi A4. The question is whether the Audi has the allure to divert you from something like the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé or Mercedes C Class.

But even at its lowest trim, you're getting a good spec for your money and a high quality of interior, with lots of options to add levels of sophistication to a car that's wonderfully comfortable to drive and, boy, doesn't it look good?

Pocket-lintbmw 5 series 2017 review image 1

BMW 5 Series (2017)

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When BMW says the new 5 Series is the most technologically advanced car the company has ever made, it's easy to see why. Everything on board adds up to an impressively polished package which blends together stunning driving dynamics and performance with cutting-edge connectivity and technology.

Even in fairly basic spec, many of the headline features are included as standard. What's more, despite the digital masterclass, the new BMW 5 Series doesn't make you feel detached from the driving experience. It's probably Munich's most charming saloon yet. Indeed, we can't think of a more accomplished saloon car on the market.

Pocket-lintFord Fiesta 2017 ST-Line image 1

Ford Fiesta (2017)

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The new Ford Fiesta cements its position as a truly fun car to drive. The customisable exterior offers a more premium design that is softer and simpler than its predecessor, while the interior is just as great, with lovely materials that continue the premium trend set by the exterior.

The streamlined controls, fabulously responsive touchscreen and plethora of technology on board - in both connectivity options such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and driver assist technologies - make this car the one to beat in its segment. Any of the 2017 Fiesta models are likely to win hearts all over Britain once again. It's a fantastic supermini that proves it's a very big deal.

Pocket-lintland rover discovery 2017 review image 1

Land Rover Discovery (2017)

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The Land Rover Discovery is and always has been a capable off-roader, but in its 2017 guise it maintains that extreme capability, yet mixes it up with a striking design and oodles of on-road comfort and interior luxury to boot.

The Land Rover Discovery (2017) is a fully versatile machine both on- and off-road. It'll eat Tarmac for breakfast and dirt tracks for dinner, lug the family about in just about any terrain the world happens to throw at it, all the while ensuring you look and feel good sat behind the wheel. It is, in short, the SUV king for 2017.

Jonathan Fleetwood for Pocket-lintRange Rover Velar image 1

Range Rover Velar

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Range Rover doesn't have to do very much to shift an impressive number of models these days. In that respect, JLR could have been lazy with Velar but it hasn't. Far from it, in fact. The fourth vehicle to wear the Range Rover badge looks fantastic, is a supremely comfortable cruiser, while the interior tech sets a new benchmark in design and usability.

Yes, the more powerful and more generously specced models rapidly tickle the £60,000 mark - but that does buy a great deal of technological wizardly, as well as many envious glances. A titan of tech and a lesson in styling: the Range Rover Velar is a contender for the SUV crown in 2017.

Pocket-lintSeat Ibiza image 2

Seat Ibiza

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For 2017, Seat really pulled out all the stops. The new Ibiza has style in spades, it looks great in this FR spec, offers genuinely useable interior space, and the 8-inch Full Link media system is easy on the eye and easy to use. Above all, though, it's the way the new Ibiza drives that seals the deal. 

That's what turns the 2017 model from a "nearly" car, to a great car. The Ibiza treads a brilliant line between being a superbly engineered everyday transport for those who don't care to get their kicks behind the wheel, and being a fully involved car with up-for-it fun factor, for those who do. This is a truly all-star new Seat, and should be right at the top of your small car shopping list.

Volvo XC60 review image 1

Volvo XC60

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Volvo has, for a little while now, been a worthy alternative to an equivalent Mercedes, BMW or Audi. That remains true with the XC60. And then some. With the BMW X3 about to be replaced, the Audi Q5 having had a strangely mundane, blink-and-you'd miss it redesign earlier this year, the XC60 is peering at the top-of-class crown alongside the Mercedes GLC.

If you want the best looking, best to sit-in mid-sized SUV - and one which offers you the best array of technology and engine options in the class - you need look no further. The Volvo XC60 is a class winner.

Voting in the 14th annual EE Pocket-lint Awards is now open so you can let us know which one of these great devices you think should win the Best Car award for this year and give us your verdict on all, or some, of the other tech across the 17 categories.

Winners will be announced at the exclusive event in London on 14 November in association with EE. Voting closes on 3 November.