Every March, the auto industry gathers on neutral ground in Switzerland, coming together for one giant huzzah of an event, showing off its latest wares and new ideas to woo car buyers of tomorrow.

Of all the international shows, Geneva tends to be the best. Best that is, in terms of the sheer number of launches of cars. And best as in everyone's here and trying hard – we're not in Germany or France, where home pride tends to take over and make things a distinctly nationalist affair.

Geneva has become the home of supercar's too: Ferrari has launched nearly all of its recent important models here, and this year's no different – with the clumsily named, but neatly designed GTC4Lusso making its debut. Not to be outdone in the horsepower stakes, rival Lamborghini celebrated its own birthday by wheeling out a Centenario concept, and the fastest car in the world – the Bugati Veyron – is dead, replaced by what's likely to be the new fastest car in the world: the Bugatti Chiron.

It's not just about the unobtainable though, there's everyday family stuff here too in the form of a fun and brightly coloured new Renault Scenic, a Prius-rival from Hyundai, a new Seat SUV and Toyota's segment-busting C-HR.

Check out what you'll be driving later in the year and beyond, plus what you'll be able to see double-parked outside Harrods shortly, by glossing your eyes over our favourites from the show.