The Frankfurt Auto Show (also known as IAA 2015 for those in the know) is one of the world's largest car shows, with 2015 delivering a mixture of fun concepts, SUVs galore, and plenty of other automotive awesomeness besides.

Most notable in among the mix is Porsche for its Tesla-challenging all-electric Mission E concept, which we think stole the show. Another big hitter is Jaguar, unveiling the F-Pace, its first ever SUV - and about time too. It's tech-packed and, from what we've seen, ought to keep the likes of BMW and Audi on their toes. Or wheels.

Joining the SUV ranks was Bentley, its Bentayga a bonkers slice of seven-seater luxury; while Audi debuted its e-Tron SUV to a considerable crowd.

An Auto Show wouldn't be the same without some serious supercars of course. This year Lamborghini and Ferrari both had tweaks of existing models to show off - the Huracan Spyder and 488 Spider, respectively (clearly "spi/yder is a theme) - with typically luscious curves and turbocharged prices to boot.

We've trawled the show floors in Frankfurt to find the best cars on offer. Check out the gallery above for more pictures of our favourites - including Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce and (wait for it) Thunder Power - from this year's IAA 2015.