It's that camera time of year and Sony has updated its travel zoom line with the latest Cyber-shot HX60V model. If you're looking for a compact model with significant zoom that can fit into a pocket or small bag then there's lots here to appeal here.

If you're new to the market then the HX60V's feature-packed specifications read well, but if you're familiar with last year's HX50 model then it will sound like much the same with the addition of the latest Bionz X processor thrown into the mix. That means the HX60V adopts the same body design, and offers the same 30x optical zoom and 20.4MP CMOS sensor as the earlier model.

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Sony's focus with this year's model is supposed to be all about speed, although we found the 24-720mm equivalent zoom was still somewhat slow to travel through its zoom range. A shame as we'd like to see some added pep added here. The real shift is meant to be with the camera's ability to process shots - but as there's no raw file capture it's not a giant boost to notice.

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Nope, what this camera is really all about is that zoom lens. It ranges from wide-angle through to telephoto in order to capture broad scenes and far-away subjects all from the one camera. The autofocus does slow somewhat as the zoom extends to its longest focal length, but it's still a solid performance for a camera of this type.

Measuring just under 4cm the camera remains a sensible, pocketable size, and the lens collapses down into the body when it's switched off too. Ideal for carrying around just about anywhere.

Unlike some of the competition, such as the Canon PowerShot SX700 HS, the Sony HX60V also features a hotshoe for adding an electronic viewfinder or accessories. To this end it sits in a slightly more advanced bracket, but the mode dial can also be popped into Auto for the camera to take command of all those settings.

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On the rear of the camera there's a rotational d-pad to cycle through settings, but we did find the centre button to be on the small side. It handles just like the HX50 before it, but we'd liked to have seen a couple of tweaks in this department to make for easier casual use.

The HX60V also comes complete with Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS. If that last feature doesn't appeal then opt for the HX60 - without the V - for Wi-Fi and GPS only. It'll cut the £340 price tag down to £330. Both fair price points considering the features on offer.