Following Sony's announcement of the RX1 - the world's first full-frame compact camera - Pocket-lint was able to get a quick gander at the compact behind its glass enclosure. Sony has only one sample available, so it's no surprise that the camera is being well looked after. 

The first thing that's striking about the model is its size. Despite the 36 x 24mm full-frame sensor, the camera body really isn't all that large. It might not fit in a small pocket, but given that some much smaller-sensor compact cameras aren't far off this size, we're already impressed.

The 35mm Carl Zeiss lens - which remains fixed to the camera body, because this isn't an interchangeable system - is the component that adds the most bulk. There's also an optional lens hood, which adds to its length, but even without that it's a fair old size.

But that's hardly a surprise - with three lens rings, and an f/2.0 maximum aperture to cover that sensor it was always going to be an ample size.

Although we haven't handled the model, the aluminium body looks to be well finished. It's simple yet elegant, but for a camera like this that's just the way we like it. All £2,600 of it.