(Pocket-lint) - With Samsung's high-profile, highly advertised NV series you'd be forgiven for not realising that Samsung has a range of digital cameras that promise to offer something for everyone.

The uninspiring L700 is just one of those models that could easily pale into the crowd, so should you let it? We get snapping to find out.

Announced at CES earlier this year, the L700 is like most of the other cameras that Samsung launched at the same time, a 7-megapixel snapper with a 3x optical zoom.

The L700 offers a 2.5-inch display on the back, numerous picture modes, as well as the ability to record movies in MPEG4 at 30fps.

When it comes to performance, the L700 is fairly middle of the road. The camera is easy to use, but nothing out of this world.

The screen although large enough to see images, does struggle in bright sunshine, and isn't actually that good a resolution leaving you disappointed at first with your results.

Get those results off the SD card (without it the memory is only capable of holding 4 shots at the highest setting) and the pictures aren't that bad, although again not brilliant.

As for the video mode, it's good, although if you choose to use the zoom at any point you loose sound, something that is, was and could be very annoying. Strangely there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it, as the microphone isn't zoomed at the same time.


The L700 is one of those digital cameras, that isn't brilliant, nor is it shockingly bad, its just mediocre.

As we've said in the review, the design isn't really that inspiring, the picture quality average and the price reflects this.

Go on, you know you can do better than this.

Writing by Stuart Miles.