Samsung is at the forefront of connected camera technology. The Android OS original Galaxy Camera proved that, and its successor, the aptly named Galaxy Camera 2, looks to build on it.

As much as we are taken by the concept - just as we were with the original - the Galaxy Camera 2 doesn't really evolve the connected camera experience.

It's the same design, albeit with a textured exterior grip and lighter build, and there's the same 21x optical zoom lens which, as we found in our original test, isn't particularly sharp. The camera sensor is the same too, so we'd expect that the outcome from your picture taking will be the same. So from the camera point of view it's much the same as it was in the original Samsung Galaxy Camera which we reviewed last year.

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What you do get, however, is beefier processing and a better battery - increased from 1600mAh to 2000mAh. When it comes to Android operations there's more power on board for smoother gaming, akin to jumping from the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone to the newer SGS4 model, as well as more internal storage for apps.

If you're a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, then there's little real reason to upgrade, but those buying the newer model will get a better experience. However, with no improvments at the lens and sensor end of the Galaxy Camera package, the photos aren't likely to be different from the previous model.

There's no confirmed price on that Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, but we'd expect it to be around £400, like the predecessor.