The Samsung WB30F may be small and have a more-basic spec than its other WB-series counterparts, but it still racks up that one all-important feature: Wi-Fi connectivity as standard.

If it says "WB" then it's connected is the general rule, even at this level, as Samsung continues to push forward its connected cameras concept. The ability to connect the camera to a Wi-Fi network or direclty with a Smartphone via a free app opens up the door for direct sharing to social media and other platforms wherever you happen to be. See that Wi-Fi button on the back, to the top right? That's all you need to dive into sharing options.


The WB30F may be the entry-level WB model, but we think it's the best looking WB-er of the bunch. Partly on account of its size, as the whole model just flows together; it's slim at just 17mm across and the black top complements the white well.

The camera's 10x optical zoom lens may not sound as heavyweight as the other WB models on the market, but it still offers a 24-240mm equivalent range - more than enough for wide scenes or medium-zoom to hone in on more distant subjects. A quick flick of the zoom toggle and we found the WB30F's operation to be smooth and swift.


Whether image quality will match up to the other WB-series models is the biggest question on our lips. With a 16-megapixel CCD sensor, not the latest CMOS version, logic would suggest that it will be on the back foot when it comes to image quality. But until we see a final version we just won't know.

Looks like a crackin' pocket cam to our eyes.