Sparing a thought for all the left-handed gadget aficionados out there, Samsung has introduced the world's first camcorder that offers full operation in either hand.

Thanks to a handy accelorometer, the HMX-Q10 can be held in the right hand or turned upside down for left-handed use with the 2.7-inch touchscreen and the interal sensor automatically detecting the change and adjusting themselves accordingly.

The full HD camcorder captures footage at 1920 x 1080/60i, while the OIS Duo system helps to keep to footage smooth, even for the most shaky-handed of users. The device also sports face detection, auto-focus, smart record pause, HD time lapse recording and the ability to capture photos with the 4.9-megapixel stills feature.

The camcorder itself is compact and easy to hold, while the 'Switch Grip' function is also impressive. Turning the camcorder upside down alters the orientation of the screen almost immediately, so you're set up for left-handed use pretty much straight away. Most of the functions are controlled using the touchscreen, keeping the number of physical buttons to a minumum. The only buttons that are included can be used easily no matter which hand you're holding the camcorder in.

The HMX-Q10 will hit the shops in March, but we're still waiting for news on a price.

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