Latest Samsung camera reviews

Samsung Gear 360 camera preview: Gear VR-friendly virtual reality video recorder
Samsung Gear 360 camera preview: Gear VR-friendly virtual reality video recorder By Rik Henderson

Samsung has a device that is capable of playing VR and 360-degree videos, and a headset capable of personalising the experience. All it needed was a camera... Read more

Samsung NX1 review: The new-age DSLR successor?
4.5 stars Samsung NX1 review: The new-age DSLR successor? By Mike Lowe

After wrapping up its Pentax clone GX-series DSLR line in 2009, Samsung has spent time furrowing its own path back into the camera market with its NX-series... Read more

Samsung NX Mini review
4.0 stars Samsung NX Mini review By Nik Rawlinson

If there's one thing Samsung is known for, it's spotting a gap. Not only a gap in the market, but often also a gap in its own products. You only need to... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review
3.5 stars Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review By Nik Rawlinson

The original Samsung Galaxy Camera was notable because, although it wasn't the first dedicated camera to use the Android operating system as its user interface,... Read more

Samsung NX30 review
4.5 stars Samsung NX30 review By Nik Rawlinson

The Samsung NX30 is the latest edition to the company's steadily evolving line of compact system cameras, assuming top-dog position and unseating the visually... Read more

Samsung Galaxy NX review
4.0 stars Samsung Galaxy NX review By Nik Rawlinson

At last, a company's broken ranks. We're big fans of compact system cameras, but other than upping the pixels and widening out the choice of lenses, few... Read more

Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review
Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom review By Rik Henderson

Shortly after Samsung released the Android-powered Galaxy Camera, it revealed that it had more plans for snappers featuring Google's operating system.... Read more

Samsung NX300
4.5 stars Samsung NX300 By Nik Rawlinson

It's got the same sized sensor, the same resolution, and bears more than a passing similarity to its predecessors. So what's so great about the NX300?Plenty.The... Read more

Samsung WB250F pictures and hands-on
Samsung WB250F pictures and hands-on By Mike Lowe

The Samsung WB250F is one of a handful of Wi-Fi-enabled compact cameras to be announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Pocket-lint went along... Read more

Samsung WB30F pictures and hands-on
Samsung WB30F pictures and hands-on By Mike Lowe

The Samsung WB30F may be small and have a more-basic spec than its other WB-series counterparts, but it still racks up that one all-important feature:... Read more

Samsung WB800F pictures and hands-on
Samsung WB800F pictures and hands-on By Mike Lowe

Samsung's going in hard when it comes to camera connectivity, with all its new compacts coming loaded with Wi-Fi, including the WB800F model.The WB800F... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100)
3.5 stars Samsung Galaxy Camera (EK-GC100) By Mike Lowe

The Samsung Galaxy Camera sounds like one of those "why has this not been done before?" ideas on paper. This connected camera runs Google's Android 4.1... Read more

Samsung EX2F
4.0 stars Samsung EX2F By Mike Lowe

It’s all go in the high-end compact camera market, and Samsung’s EX2F lays out a potential secret weapon that no similar competitor can offer: Wi-Fi.But... Read more

Samsung NX210
3.5 stars Samsung NX210 By Mike Lowe

Samsung’s already proven its calibre in the compact system camera market with the latest 20.3-megapixel NX20 and NX1000 models.Sandwiched in between... Read more

Samsung NX1000
4.0 stars Samsung NX1000 By Mike Lowe

Delve into Samsung’s website and it now terms all of its cameras as "SMART cameras" with Wi-Fi as standard. Samsung is one of the few manufacturers trying... Read more

Samsung NX20
4.0 stars Samsung NX20 By Mike Lowe

Samsung’s NX series has been technological from the get-go, but the latest NX20 model - the follow up to the NX11 - adds Wi-Fi to its features list.In... Read more

Samsung WB150F
3.5 stars Samsung WB150F By Mike Lowe

The compact digital camera market offers buyers a brain-scrambling amount of choice, so when a point-and-shoot comes along and offers something unique,... Read more

Samsung NX200
4.0 stars Samsung NX200 By William Perceval

A follow on from last year's NX100, the NX200 has a lot more to offer, and should have sorted some of the problems of the three-star-rated NX100. The... Read more

Samsung MV800
3.5 stars Samsung MV800 By William Perceval

The MV800 updates Samsung’s dual screen PL and ST-series compact cameras. However, the MV, which stands for “Multi View”, opts for a single screen... Read more

Samsung WB700
3.5 stars Samsung WB700 By Gavin Stoker

The "travel zoom" market - meaning pocket compacts with extended lens reaches beyond, let's now say, 8x or more - has really taken off in recent years,... Read more

Samsung SH100
3.5 stars Samsung SH100 By William Perceval

The Samsung SH100 is a point-and-shoot compact camera that squeezes in Wi-Fi technology at a budget price point. Turning the “high-end technology, high... Read more

Samsung HMX-Q10
3.5 stars Samsung HMX-Q10 By Libby Plummer

The Samsung HMX-Q10 made headlines when it was unveiled at CES back in January 2011, largely thanks to its flexible design that makes it easy for left-handed... Read more

Samsung PL170
3.0 stars Samsung PL170 By Gavin Stoker

Isn’t it always the case that whoever is usually taking the pictures in the family rarely gets into shot themselves, while most attempts at self-portraiture... Read more

Samsung NX11
4.5 stars Samsung NX11 By William Perceval

Can the Samsung NX11 reinvent the hybrid camera category or is it much the same as the previous NX10 model but repackaged? We first got our hands on the... Read more

Samsung ML-1865
3.5 stars Samsung ML-1865 By Paul Lester

As cheap and versatile as all-in-one devices are these days, not everyone wants to pay for features they’re unlikely to use, and the humble monochrome... Read more

Samsung ST100
3.5 stars Samsung ST100 By Gavin Stoker

Samsung was the first, and thus far is the only, digital camera manufacturer to introduce a LCD screen at the front as well as the back. Following on from... Read more

Samsung NX100
3.0 stars Samsung NX100 By William Perceval

Samsung’s latest NX100 is something of a curiosity: with no built in flash or viewfinder, it’s entirely dependent on a low price point and the company’s... Read more

Samsung PL90
3.5 stars Samsung PL90 By Gavin Stoker

The influence of the Flip Video and its bastard offspring continues to be felt. Technologies converge, and it was perhaps inevitable that before too long... Read more

Samsung WP10
3.5 stars Samsung WP10 By Gavin Stoker

Finished in an attractive aquamarine blue that others may call turquoise, Samsung’s durably waterproof WP10 snapper wears its creature of the deep credentials... Read more

Samsung WB2000
4.0 stars Samsung WB2000 By Gavin Stoker

It would be easy to mistakenly dismiss this new 10-effective-megapixel, 5x optical zoom (24-120mm equivalent in 25mm terms) model from Samsung as “just... Read more

Samsung HMX-U20
4.0 stars Samsung HMX-U20 By Chris Hall

Sticking with the slightly bent form factor of the HMX-U10, Samsung return with another stab at the pocket camcorder segment. The previous model suffered... Read more

Samsung PL150
4.0 stars Samsung PL150 By Chris Hall

Samsung has been releasing an increasingly impressive array of cameras of late, and the Samsung PL150 is an example of the sort of innovation that is getting... Read more

Samsung WB600
4.0 stars Samsung WB600 By Chris Hall

The humble compact camera category seems to be under assault. At the high end you have hybrid cameras offering imaging power with svelte dimensions, at... Read more

Samsung WB5000
4.0 stars Samsung WB5000 By Gavin Stoker

Not to be confused with the WB500 pocket camera from the same manufacturer, with the extra "0" in the WB5000's model number comes an extensive, all encompassing... Read more

Samsung ST70 compact camera
4.0 stars Samsung ST70 compact camera By Gavin Stoker

Looking for a digital camera that truly delivers on its classification as a "compact"? A slender 16.6mm in depth, and the width and height of a credit... Read more

Samsung NX10 hybrid camera
4.5 stars Samsung NX10 hybrid camera By Chris Hall

The Samsung NX10 is a serious entry into the hybrid sector for the Korean company, a company that competes it pretty much every sector of the consumer... Read more

Samsung PL80 compact camera
3.5 stars Samsung PL80 compact camera By Chris Hall

The Samsung PL80 compact camera is an entry-level point and shoot model pitched in at an affordable price. It offers a range of simple to use features... Read more

Samsung ST550 compact camera
4.5 stars Samsung ST550 compact camera By Chris Brennan

The Samsung ST550 is a compact camera with a difference. Instead of one LCD screen it has two. In addition to the 3.5-inch screen on the rear, it has a... Read more

Samsung ST1000 digital camera
4.5 stars Samsung ST1000 digital camera By Chris Brennan

The Samsung ST1000 has a wealth of features many of which are similar to many other digital cameras available today. It does, however, have a few tricks... Read more

First Look: Samsung NX10 camera
First Look: Samsung NX10 camera By Stuart Miles

The Samsung NX10 hopes to capitalise on the headway hybrid cameras like the Panasonic Lumix GF1 and Olympus Pen E-P1 hybrid models have made, bridging... Read more

Samsung HMX-U10 camcorder
3.0 stars Samsung HMX-U10 camcorder By Chris Hall

The pocket camcorder segment has caught the eye of Samsung, offering up their HMX-U10. It brings with it high-definition recording capabilities and plenty... Read more

Samsung ST550 digital camera - First Look
Samsung ST550 digital camera - First Look By Stuart Miles

Samsung has launched a new camera with not one but two LCD screens. But do you really need it, or is it yet another gimmick for your digital camera? Pocket-lint... Read more

Samsung WB550 digital camera
4.0 stars Samsung WB550 digital camera By Gavin Stoker

Getting a broad focal range from a non-interchangeable lens camera needn’t necessitate purchase of a bridge model that won’t fit in your pocket. Witness... Read more

Samsung ST50 digital camera
3.5 stars Samsung ST50 digital camera By Chris Hall

The Samsung ST50 has a slick brushed aluminium front and a good solid feel with neat precise lines. It is perfectly pocketable, measuring 94.2 x 55.7 x... Read more

Samsung L310W digital camera
4.0 stars Samsung L310W digital camera By Doug Harman

The L310W is Samsung’s compact gambit for those trading up to a higher specified digital model, or perhaps those needing to get a little more control... Read more

Samsung NV9 digital camera
4.0 stars Samsung NV9 digital camera By Doug Harman

Versatility has always been at the heart of Samsung’s compact cameras, the company happy to crowbar in features and advanced kittery normally spread... Read more

Samsung NV4 compact camera
4.0 stars Samsung NV4 compact camera By Doug Harman

Samsung’s NV4 is a slim stylish camera that features a 3x optical zoom lens that does not protrude from the front of the camera keeping the svelte lines... Read more

Samsung GX10 DSLR camera
4.0 stars Samsung GX10 DSLR camera By Doug Harman

Samsung’s entry in to the DSLR marketplace came by rebadging Pentax DSLRs and allows the company to build a corner in the market from which it can attempt... Read more

Samsung i7 digital camera
3.5 stars Samsung i7 digital camera By Doug Harman

It’s taken me some time to get to play with the i7 but it’s worth a look since it is a very interesting camera indeed, or rather, it’s a very interesting... Read more

Samsung S1050 digital camera
3.5 stars Samsung S1050 digital camera By Doug Harman

Samsung has updated its S850 model with the S1050 and the camera comes complete with a rather tempting feature set. This includes a suite of manual controls... Read more