Nikon Z Fc review: Retro reinvention

From afar the retro design looks great. But on closer inspection, it's rather plasticky. Inside there's Nikon's 20.9MP APS-C sensor for its Z mount (DX) lenses. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Dials, dials everywhere. This allows for manual control as you please. Or simply set it to Auto and the camera will handle everything for you. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
While it's dials galore elsewhere, aperture adjustment is controlled using the front thumbwheel. A small window up top displays the current aperture value too. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
A 0.39-inch built-in viewfinder makes it easy to use this mirrorless like a DSLR of old if you prefer. Particularly useful for framing when the sun is shining. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The adjustable screen to the back can be stowed for protection or positioned through multiple angles to make for easy over-head or waist-level work. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
We thought the Fc would wow us, but its slow kit lens and lack of many options instead left us thinking some retro ideas are more nostalgic than successful. (image credit: Pocket-lint)

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