Finishing up Nikon's Coolpix range refresh are the 14x optical zoom L610 and 12x optical zoom S6400.

The larger of the two, the L610 - shown here in black - has an extensive lens that can zoom from its 25mm wide-angle through to a 350mm equivalent. That's ideal for group shots, portraits, distant shots and pretty much everything in between.

The smaller of the pair - but the even more flash option, as shown here in red - is the Coolpix S6400. This compact is slender considering its 25-300mm equivalent zoom range lens, and is controlled using its 3-inch touchscreen.

The S6400 is available in a variety of colours, from the usual black through to the more striking red or even a purple/lilac colour that's best described as "interesting".

We've been playing with both compacts and have nabbed a bunch of shots for you to take a gander at. Open them up in the gallery below...