Nikon 1 J1 and J2 owners can now explore the wonders of the deep, thanks to the WP-N1 underwater housing.

This exterior surround attaches to the J1 or J2 - but not the V1 - and can withstand descending to depths as far down as 40m below the surface.

The unit includes oversized buttons and a shutter "switch" to make for easy shooting when in the murky depths.

Pop up the built-in flash and there are also two "portholes" that project the flash out of the front. If you don't want to flash then simply switch off the option from within the camera menu. The two black plugs that fill the holes appear to be to avoid sediment and build up should flash not be a common use.

This specialist kit comes with a specialist price. In fact its £749 asking price is more than the J1 or J2 that will end up inside it. You'll need to plummet to the depths of your bank account to get hold of one of these units.