If you’re looking for slim and sophisticated then the Coolpix S100 is the most compact camera from Nikon's new line-up. Coming with a couple of eye-catching features in 3D and touchscreen control, it is destined for the pockets of party people.

Measuring a svelte 99 x 65.2 x 18.1mm, it is almost entirely free from physical controls, it’s just a solid-feeling slice of camera.

It's a design move we’ve seen from the likes of the Sony TX55, with a similar looking feature set on offer here too. Sliding the cover to one side powers the camera up, ready to start shooting.

Of course, as there are no buttons for the controls, you have to change the settings using the touchscreen. We didn’t have long to explore the interface or a chance to see how it performs under a true Pocket-lint bashing, but it seemed responsive enough to our exploratory pokes. 


One of the headline features is 3D stills capture. This isn’t going to give you 3D photography like the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3, but like other compacts offering the latest “must-have” feature, works by lens repositioning.

Essentially after you engage 3D mode you take the first shot with an on-screen guide then it helps you line up the second. The 3D image is created, but without a 3D display, you can’t preview it, so you’ll need a 3D monitor or TV to see the effects - there is an HDMI on the bottom for an easy connection.

The internal load-out seems typical, a 16-megapixel CMOS sounds a little excessive in terms of pixels, but keeps up with rival models (for better or worse) and the lens offers you a 5x range of 28-140mm (in 35mm terms). The S100 also offers Full HD video capture.

The 3.5-inch OLED display offers up 819k-dots and was nice and vibrant, with good viewing angles from what we saw of it.

It comes in a range of colours - the vibrant pink screams wedding clutch bag to us, while the sombre matte black would happily slip into the pocket of your Anderson & Sheppard suit. 

Available on 1 September, it’s an attractive £249.99. We’ll be getting the Coolpix S100 in soon to give it a thorough reviewing to see if it deserves a place in your pocket.