The Nikon Coolpix S1200pj is something of an oddball, as the "pj" indicates that it includes a projector. As Nikon’s third edition of its projector camera, it brings with it some changes for the better.

The previous Nikon pj cams have been reasonable, combining respectable Coolpix performance with the novelty of a projector. Whilst niche, the interest in pico projectors still seems strong, offering the ability share or present at the drop of a hat.

The projector lens sits behind a sliding cover on the front of the camera, so keeps it clear of dust and debris that might inhibit performance. It is a DLP projector capable of 20 lumens at 640x480 resolution, with a throw distance of 26cm up to 3m, resulting in an image of 26-152cm size.

We tried the projector in the daylight and found the image was bright enough at close range, but obviously, as you add in distance you’ll need to turn down the lights.

As before, there is a little pop-out foot on the bottom of the camera that lets it sit at an angle for a better projection, and focus is achieved using the dial on the top.

nikon coolpix s1200pj pictures and hands on image 16

A new feature is the option to hook up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via a cable supplied in the box, so you could get into keynote presentations straight from your pocket.

Outside of the projector functions, the S1200pj is a fairly regular 14-megapixel camera, offering up a 5x zoom lens, along with the normal Coolpix functions. The camera measures 107 x 63.4 x 22.6mm, so isn't much bigger than other compact cameras.

Hitting shelves from 22 September, it can be yours for £399.99.