(Pocket-lint) - After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first batch of Lomography Lomo'Instant cameras have arrived in the UK and Pocket-lint was on hand at the company's store in London's Carnaby Street district to have a play.

The camera, which is fairly large, but comes with a fun retro design feel, isn't yet another cheap digital camera, or another 35mm alternative to the company's already successful range, but a Polaroid variant that uses the Fujifilm Instant Camera film.

That for most will mean antique fun, but at a price that is considerably cheaper than The Impossible Project.


The cheaper film comes in handy because for the first couple of shots you'll be experimenting with what works and what doesn't. This being Lomography there are plenty of options to play with on the manual control front.

You can adjust and change the aperture, whether you want you use the built-in flash, whether you fancy doing a double exposure (two pictures or more on the same film) or even in the case of the Lomo'Instant, what lens to use.

The basic kit, priced at £89, will come with a fixed 27mm wide angle lens that should give you plenty of options when it comes to snapping about town.

The shutter button is actually a big lever found on the front of the camera that has a satisfying "ker-plunk" when you use it.


Once you've taken the picture the camera fires into action causing the photo to spit out the side of the camera. You then have the tantalising moments waiting for your film to develop to see whether what you've just done has worked or not.

This is photography as you used to remember it as a kid, not the press the button wait for burst mode to kick in and see whether you caught the moment in 65 shots or not photography.

One of the key selling points with the Lomo'Instant though is that you will also be able to add additional lenses to expand the opportunities. There are three lens in total, and these can either be bought individually or as a kit with the camera for £199. There's a wide-angle lens, a fish-eye lens, and a portrait lens to play with and all give your the expected results.


This is pure retro fare. The Lomo'Instant allows you to feel like Andy Warhol or a fashion photographer from the eighties including all the charms (read hassles) that comes with it.

As an offering though, the Lomo'Instant delivers on that charm, bringing a world of experimentation, frustration, and fun to your realm.

It won't be for everyone, it will be seen as a hipster folly by many, but by jove, it will bring a little smile on your face the moment you get a picture that works. Just expect that to not be very often.

Writing by Stuart Miles.