(Pocket-lint) - Cult photography brand Lomography has introduced the Sprocket Rocket - the very first camera dedicated to sprocket hole photography. Here at Pocket-lint, we were lucky enough to be able to get our mitts on one of the new cameras seconds after it was officially announced.

Using conventional 35mm film, the camera has an extra-wide angle lens which means that you can capture panoramic shots. You'll get even more onto each shot, as the camera uses the full-size of the film, including the sprocket holes and numbering at the edge. The Sprocket Rocket is unique in that you can wind the film backwards as well as forwards, between frames to get some really interesting effects. If you use each frame at full size, without rewinding in between, then you should get around 17 shots from one film. To do this you simply need to keep an eye on the indicator window, and stop winding forward when the white dot appears. Standard image size is 72 x 35mm.

There's also a top-mounted hot shoe so you'll be able to attach a conventional flash for indoor and night-time photography. You'll also have the option of taking snaps without the sprocket holes appearing, just like a normal camera, but with the added bonus of a reverse gear. Yours for 79 euros.

First impressions

The camera feels much sturdier than some of the brand's other models, such as the Diana, and the winding mechanism is extremely smooth, making it very easy to use. Replacing the film is also an idiot-proof affair. As with the Lomography Spinner 360, there's no counter, due to the nature of the camera there's no set number of pictures to a film, as it all depends on you. That shouldn't bother most Lomo fans, who'll probably have a spare film on them at all times anyway. Stay tuned for a full review.

Writing by Libby Plummer.