Want all the benefits of digital with all the "is it, isn't it?" fun of film? If you have a healthy bank account and a penchant for camera oddities then the Leica M Edition 60 may be just right for you then.

Because this gorgeous slice of German engineering, created by Audi design, is the first digital camera we've seen to - wait for it - not feature an LCD screen. No way to playback or preview your images there.

Instead you'll have to use the M Edition 60's rangefinder - which, to the uninitiated, will feel like rocket science to work - to manually focus and snap those images. It's the Leica M-P in many ways, but amplified to the next level.


The camera's arrival isn't as odd as it might seem though: this special edition is to celebrate 60 years in the business, harking back to the days when, of course, you couldn't see the results until you processed the film.

Much like the original Leica M3 from 1954, which had a film speed rating dial on the rear, the M Edition 60 has an ISO dial to boost sensitivity. It's a stiff dial to move, and you'll need two thumbs. Makes sense though, as with the film original you wouldn't want that marker sliding out of place.

The Edition 60 is built from stainless steel and is a weighty chunk in the hand - but it's extra special as other Leica bodies aren't build from this metal. In its soft almost-grey colour scheme it looks unusual to the run-of-the-mill colour schemes out there - there's a real premium feel about it.


Included in the special edition box, which is limited to a run of 600 worldwide, is the Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH lens - also constructed of stainless steel - to match the body. It's an amazing piece of craftsmanship to use; all silky smooth movement and with an aperture ring that barely makes a sound when it is rotated between those f-stops.

Even though everything on the outside is very 1954, the interior is very much 2014 - delivering a full-frame 24-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Each Leica M Edition 60 will be numbered and cost a cool £12,000 when available from this October. You've got to pay big to be in this exclusive members club.