Rounding off our Leica coverage is the Leica V-Lux 40, the "travel zoom" of the group that we hadn't got our hands on until Photokina.

Announced earlier this year, think Panasonic Lumix TZ30 (ZS30 if you're across the pond in the USA) and you're 99 per cent of the way there, bar the V-Lux's obvious Leica-isms.

From the front the V-Lux 40 looks stripped-back to its bare essentials. The black finish highlights the classic "red dot" logo well and the sizable 24-480mm equivalent lens is left to dominate. It might not have the wide aperture of its D-Lux 6 cousin, but this Leica sure does have the long-reaching lens - and all that in a pocketable size.

Leica's take on this model involves a simplified design compared to the TZ30, including its all-black finish. The V-Lux 40's buttons positively sheen too and the metal finish feels high quality in the hand.

Simple elegance right here, but it'll cost about double the price of the Panasonic TZ30, as the Leica can be found online now for around £370.