Kodak's EasyShare range is aimed at beginners so it's nice to see a camera in the range that is not only 2 mega pixel, but also under £100.

The 2Mp CX6200 is a camera well styled and easy to use. The 1.5" LCD display sits firmly in the centre and buttons are clearly labelled.

For the newcomer, Kodak's strength is in its "share" button allowing you to print, email and set as a favourite the moment you connect the camera to either a PC or dedicated printer docking station.

Like all the other models in the EasyShare range, as well as removable memory, the CX6200 has an 8Mb internal memory built in. The CX6200 also features a fixed lens but does offer a 3x digital zoom.

Images were detailed and well balanced, although the CX6200 seemed to over expose areas when dealing with shadows and sunlit areas. However definition between the colours, especially the greens of trees and shrubs, was very good.


The Kodak's price and the EasyShare functions within this camera make it an ideal starter for anyone new to digital cameras - the only drawback was the lack of any other options such as a macro mode or scene selection.