So you've got your Kodak digital camera, but don't like all the cables floating around your desk and want to make things a whole lot simpler. Kodak thinks it has the answer.

The EasyShare Camera Dock 6000 is a simple device that allows you to dock your Kodak camera and with the touch of a button transfer pictures from the camera to the computer quickly and easily.

The dock also doubles as a charger and for the Kodak cameras that take standard AA batteries this offers a cheaper solution in the long run if you do have to shell out the cash to buy this charger/dock in the first place.


With the EasyShare range trying to be as simple and easy to use as possible, this only helps that cause. If you really can't cope with the odd wires floating around and want to add a charging facility to your camera then of course this will offer that as well.

However, with the latest cameras such as the LS633 coming with a Kodak Li-ion rechargeable battery this peripheral won't add anything apart from acting as a desk tidy. If you're one of those people that always buys all the add-ons when you're at the shop counter this will be ideal for you. If however you want to save your pennies, use the set of rechargeable batteries you've already got at home, then you'll easily find plenty of other things to spend your money on.