Until now the GoPro has stood relatively safely mounted high upon its pedestal. But Rollei plans to shake it loose with its Actioncam S-50 WiFi that claims to do nearly everything the GoPro can, and more, in a smaller case. We took a closer look.

Well it's certainly obvious that this is a GoPro wannabe from similarities in looks. But the Rollei is smaller, despite packing in that screen for instant shot framing and video playback. You can still output to your iPhone or Android mobile over Wi-Fi if you like for instant sharing of videos and photos with a lag of just 1.3 seconds - compared to nearer five seconds on its rivals.

rollei actioncam s 50 wifi takes on gopro with smaller form and a screen we go hands on image 3

You'll need a decent connection to share though as it shoots video at high resolution with 1080p at 30fps or 1080i at 60fps, and snaps at 14 megapixels. Yup no 4K like the GoPro, but since that can only manage 15fps at 4K does that even really count? The Rollei can manage a 175-degree viewing angle - five more degree than the GoPro Hero3 Black

Also the Rollei comes with four different coloured covers so you can change to suit your mood or style on that day, with orange, blue, yellow and black. These felt like flimsy plastic but that's what the waterproof housing case is for.

The included case, again very similar to a certain other brand's housing, comes with an extra flat lens to deliver crisp underwater shots. Not something we could test here but the videos showing on the screens at IFA look seamless. Other nice extras include two different included back covers. One is solid for depths up to 60m, while another has only splash proof vents to offer far better sound quality - ideal for downhill mountain biking, for example.

While Rollei is throwing extras at you it's also included a tripod mount that can connect it to a helmet mount or standard mount. Yup, you guessed it, they're included too. The battery is claimed to last for up to 80 minutes, but we couldn't test that here. Check back soon for our full review. Expect to pay €350 (£295) for an 8GB version when it's released in October. 

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