Want to hear about more accessories to make the GoPro HD Hero2 even more awesome than it already is? Of course you do.

Over in the city of Sin at International CES 2012, the Woodman Labs owned company was keen to show off the latest trick up its extreme sleeve - the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote Combo kit.

As you've probably gathered from the name, the BacPac part of the duo adds Wi-Fi connectivity to your sporty little camera, making it easier to hook it up to your PC or mobile device. But it's when paired with the wristwatch-like Remote that things really get a little tasty.

gopro hd hero2 wi fi bacpac pictures and hands on image 3

And that's because the BacPac, which slots onto the back of the HD Hero2 making it only slightly bulkier, can create its own Wi-Fi network, enabling long range video remote control via the Wi-Fi Remote or a smartphone, tablet, or computer running the free GoPro App. 

So that means you can hit the waves, slopes, trails or any other gnarly location with easier control from your wrist or even let a friend take care of the controls from a distance. We're told that it has a range of 100-300m depending on conditions and the BacPac also supports live streaming so your pals can watch your extreme action unfold in real-time.

gopro hd hero2 wi fi bacpac pictures and hands on image 5

You can even record one video stream to your camera's SD card whilst sending a second one via Wi-Fi to your smart-device, computer or the web.

Out in February, the price in the US is set to be $99.99. No word on a UK price yet - we'll keep you posted.

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