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(Pocket-lint) - The A202, comes in at the bottom of the Fujifilm range offering newcomers to the field a chance to hop on the digital camera ladder. However while it might be the lowest spec digital camera that Fujifilm offer, it isn't a low spec camera - offering plenty of options and more importantly good pictures.

Housed in a compact design, the Fujifilm A202 2mp camera gives users the choice between macro or landscape mode. Images are saved onto the 16mb xd-card included in the box and power is provided by two AA batteries making it ideal to replace if you're out and about away from a charger and source of electricity.


The fixed focus lens makes for a good start to the digital photography world and images are viewed either through an optical viewfinder or the LCD display. When it comes to playback, the A202 also features a 3x digital zoom within playback.

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When it comes to images, detail is well captured, especially with the macro mode button selected. Noise did affect solid colours in some of the images we took, but nothing to warrant concern for a camera at this level. Images containing a mixture of textures and patterns coped well and colours were strong and vibrant coming across slightly warm if anything.

To recap

As an entry level camera it was great for the price, so check for any replacement since launch- and buy hi-rated 2300mAH rechargeable batteries

Writing by Stuart Miles.