It’s becoming a set standard for Fujifilm to release black-finish versions of its high-end kit, and now it’s the turn of the Fujifilm X100S.

We got our hands on the X100S Black at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, where it was on display at the company’s stand. Its key difference is that it’s dressed in a new black coat. And that's it: a purely aesthetic change.

That means the same features as the original camera are on board, including the manual control dials, wider-than-100-per-cent optical and electronic hybrid viewfinder and APS-C size sensor for premium image quality.

Pocket-lintfujifilm x100s black pictures and hands on image 4

We took some snaps of an American Diner facade that was set up and the camera did indeed respond in the very same fashion as the original X100S. That 35mm f/2.8 equivalent lens is a star for medium-wide angle scenes.

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In its black finish the X100S takes on a more casual look. Although it delivers the retro charm of the original, without the silver finish it’s more subtle, a not so eye-catching look. Which is exactly what some prospective buyers will be looking for.

So there we have it. Not a fan of silver - then why not opt for black? The Fujifilm X100S Black will be priced at £999 at launch, making it a pricey but premium performer. If you're tight on cash then consider the original model as its price has slipped over time.

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